I rented the LF2 for 12 weeks and used it twice a day. I lost a total of 11 inches all over. Really pleased! 
10 Oct 2013 
I have a condition which is similar to MS and i found that it helped with tension and muscle relaxation. Great machine, and not just for inch loss. 
07 Oct 2013 
Whilst using the machine my varicose veins seemed to improve, within appearance and aching. I have really enjoyed using the machine and i hope to rent it again. Thankyou. 
07 Oct 2013 
I love this machine! I rented it for 12 weeks, within that time i dropped a dress size, and that was in just 3 weeks! I was always following a healthy diet, but i lost 33 inches all over and 36lbs! This machine definitely helped me to lose those inches! 
03 Oct 2013 
I only rented the LF2 for 4 weeks, but i would definitely rent it again, as it was very good for my circulation and definitely tones up your body! 
03 Oct 2013 
I hired the LF2 for 2 weeks and I used it once or twice a day. I lost 6" all together and I felt so good after using it and had less back pain. 
01 Oct 2013 
I had the LF2 for 8 weeks originally, however i extended for a further 4 weeks. I used the LF2 twice a day and i noticed toning on my legs, losing 2 inches also. All the staff we’re very professional too, thankyou very much. 
25 Sep 2013 
I had the machine for 8 weeks and within 3 weeks i had already dropped a dress size. I used it once a day and lost 24 inches!! Not only did i lose inches but i had more energy and less aches and pains. Love the machine! 
25 Sep 2013 
I rented the LF2 for 12 weeks, and i was getting great results so i extended for a further 12 weeks. I lost a total of 15” all over and my lower back was more flexible and my legs felt stronger. 
13 Sep 2013 
I rented the machine for 12 weeks and dropped 3 dress sizes!!! After the first 3 weeks i dropped one dress size and they just kept falling off! Great! 
13 Sep 2013 
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