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On 5th August 2014 at 11:12, Becky wrote:
Just took your machine out on rent and I have to say it's so much easier than keep going to the salon!
On 31st July 2014 at 09:45, Kath wrote:
At home with the kids for the Summer hols....So can't wait to start using the LF2! My delivery is tomorrow. I'm so excited!
On 30th July 2014 at 16:39, Amanda wrote:
It's been since I updated on here,
Not very sure how long I had my LF2 , it may well be the best chunk of 2 years, I was about a size 16 back then. and have long been at the point I am happy with my shape I am now.. (I never wanted to be stick thin, but who does. I would never return my plate, but I don't use it as much as I used to, but I don't need to I guess. But I go to the gym also now, and I would never do that back in the day.....
On 29th July 2014 at 12:51, Lisa wrote:
The circulation in my feet has improved
On 22nd July 2014 at 09:32, Jennifer wrote:
Never felt so toned. It's addictive!
On 17th July 2014 at 09:55, Lacey wrote:
Used your LF2 machine 3 x times now and will be renting it again soon. Much prefer it compared to the Flabelos
On 14th July 2014 at 11:58, Lucy wrote:
I bumped into my friend the other day, who is using your LF2. Wow she looks fantastic! Can't wait for you deliver mine
On 8th July 2014 at 16:23, Sue wrote:
I use your machine at my local Salon, but am thinking of renting it at home. Certainly works out cheaper. Will be in touch!
On 3rd July 2014 at 09:33, Eileen wrote:
I suffer with stiff joints and decided to give the LF2 a try. It most certainly helps :)
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